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107: Harnessing the True Power of Community in Your Fanbase w/ Christina Garnett

The power of community emerges when companies embrace the directional relationship members form not just with their brand, but with other members.  In this episode, Christina Garnett, senior marketing manager for offline community and advocacy at HubSpot, joins David to talk about the magic of tapping into common passions and making your fans the hero of the story. 

Show Notes

2:21  Community vs. Audience

4:47  The Road to HubSpot

8:59  Gleaning Community Insights from Gary V

11:54  Bored Ape’s Country Club

13:59  The HubFans Community 

15:20  The Hierarchy of Community Needs

18:44  Showing Raw Emotions

24:29  Categorizing and Rewarding HubSpot Fans

27:38  HubSpot Inbound Correspondents

31:48  Turning Internal Needs into External Opportunities

35:26  Bringing Your Fans Closer

39:41  Magic of Social Listening

43:14  The Little Moments That Matter

44:14  Ask Your Fans What They Want


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