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104: Moving to a 32-Hour Work Week w/ Josh Foreman

It’s not every day we are turning to global debt collection companies for inspiration.  Today’s episode features InDebted CEO Josh Foreman.  Josh had a vision for creating a customer-centric debt collection agency and the organization has more than 2,000 5-star reviews on Google.  While we dig into some of the strategies and tactics that led to those reviews, this conversation largely focuses on the employee experience.  In September 2021, InDebted moved to a 4-day, 32-hour work week.  We provide a full roadmap for implementing an asynchronous work schedule in your organization.

Show Notes

2:51    Background on InDebted

4:39    Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

5:52    Staying Up on Consumer Trends

7:23    Giving a Debt Collector Positive Reviews?

9:38    Leveraging Technology to Deliver Customer Service

11:42    Differentiating InDebted’s Employee Experience

14:15    Piloting the 32-Hour Work Week

16:37    Countering the “Decreased Productivity” Argument

18:39    Setting Company Goals

21:43    Asynchronous Work

24:24    Balancing 32 Hours and Getting the Job Done

28:21    Pulse Checks

33:14    The Great Attraction

37:47    Remote Working Stipends

42:41    Parting Advice


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