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Today’s episode is all about appealing to the emotional side of fandom with Peter Sorckoff.  What started as a career in a therapeutic environment has evolved into 20 plus years of understanding the human subconscious impact on fandom.  Peter leveraged those insights to create immersive marketing and branding experiences for major brands in the NBA, the MLB and NHL, most notably as the Chief Creative Officer and EVP of Brand for the Atlanta Hawks.  Now, Peter is applying similar concepts to other industries, including aviation and retail, through his company, Seer.

This podcast goes in-depth on building experiences based on the instinctual – and sometimes irrational – aspects of fandom.


Show Notes

6:28   Change Management and Inspiring Cultural Transformation

9:55   Appealing to the Millennial Audience – the Birth of “Swipe Right” Night

15:07   The Story Behind the Kiss Cam and Teddy Bear Toss

15:51   Deliberate Decision Making through Strategy not Tactics

19:10   Challenging “Transactional” Marketing

21:18   Being “Kind” to the Customer

23:41   The Elephant and the Rider

27:55   The Three Fundamentals of Fandom

33:26   Applying the Social Psycho Structure of Fandom to Other Industries

35:34   Segmenting People by Instinctual Orientation

38:08   Customer Personas and Emotional Segmentation in Aviation

43:11   The Next Big Metamorphosis Coming in Transportation

46:50  Peter’s Learning Journey


For more information on topics covered in this episode:

Connect with Peter via email or Twitter 

Check out SEER to learn more about fandoms

If you want more from Peter, reach out and let David know.


Peter’s Learning Journey
The Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler
Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal
Bold by Steven Kotler and Peter Diamandis
The Future is Faster Than You Think by Steven Kotler and Peter Diamandis

The Story of the Kiss Cam and Teddy Bear Toss
Episode 260 – Peter Sorckoff on fans and brands in sports  | Sports Geek with Sean Callanan


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