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On today’s episode, David and KG are joined by guest Elisa Padilla, former Senior Vice President, Creative Strategy & Partnership Marketing for Roc Nation, and former Senior Vice President of Marketing for the Miami Marlins. Elisa, David, and KG talk about customer-centric marketing and how the way you lead and the perspectives you shift allow you to achieve it more successfully. 

Show Notes:

(06:52) Infusing the Jay-Z “Star” mentality from “Street to Seat”

(10:51) Walking the walk over and over again – creating sensory experiences in Barclays Center

(14:28) Refining the customer journey experience for personas and current trends 

(16:55) Apple’s obsession with details

(21:53) Changing perspectives to change processes 

(24:06) The 360 degree approach to the customer experience

(28:20) Reflecting the town culture in the game day experience

(29:40) The hybrid model of engagement – evoking emotion to drive action

(33:38) Leveraging digital revenue streams and expanding the fandom

(39:11) Monetizing the storyline – lessons learned from Trapital and Drake

(41:00) Takeaways from Roc Nation Unified

(43:55) Flipping the narrative – “KickItByEP“

(52:05) The Disney Influence on Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment

(53:50) Elisa’s Friday Leaders Walk

(59:20) Lead with empathy and compassion

Additional Resources:

Dan Runcie – Drake’s Best Year


Elisa’s favorite episode – KickItByEP with Katrina Palanca

Where to Reach the Guest:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/elisa-padilla/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/eprican?s=20

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kickitbyep/?hl=en


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