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This week, we welcome Kevin Gober, Senior Director of Arena Employee Experience and Learning & Development for the Atlanta Hawks, back to the podcast.  A recurring guest on the show, Kevin shares his takeaways from welcoming fans back to venues and gets candid on the staffing challenges that State Farm Arena has faced. 

For venues across the country preparing for a return to full capacity, this episode dives deep into the programs Kevin and State Farm Arena are putting in place to grow their staff, create an employee referral program and develop the leadership skills of their current team.  

Show Notes

4:33   Crawl, Walk, Run – Embracing Capacity Changes

11:30  One Culture, One Team, One Purpose – Build Your Team Through a Central Hiring Fair

17:38 Creating an Employee Referral Program

21:55 State Farm Arena’s New Leadership Growth Series

31:47 Measuring the Impact of Staff Development 

Today’s episode was sponsored by CheckdIn.  Know exactly who’s working in your venue.

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