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Today’s guest is Jason Fox.  After 6 years in the NFL with the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins, Jason launched EarBuds in 2018.  What started as a platform to facilitate consumers and fans being able to listen to the same playlists as their favorite athletes in real-time has morphed into a new social listening experience through EarBuds’ partnerships with Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora and Spotify.

This episode covers everything from sports tech, data, exclusive fan experiences, entrepreneurship and digital social engagement.  


Show Notes

5:26 The Genesis of EarBuds

7:23   Personalizing the Listening Experience in Real Time

9:07   Expanding Fandoms and Creating Community through Music

12:25 What’s Best for the End User? Uniting the Major Music Players 

16:27 Greatest Lessons in Launching EarBuds 

19:17 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Entrepreneurship

23:26 EarBuds’ Partnership with Fan Controlled Football

25:13 Digging Deep into Data and Unexpected Audiences 

35:47 What’s Next for EarBuds

39:08 Digital Engagement and Social Tokens

46:12 Jason’s Billboard


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