We sit down with leaders in customer & employee experience to tease out new mindsets, core principles and best practices. Built specifically for leaders in sports & entertainment.

Moon Javaid, the Vice President of Strategy and Analytics for the San Francisco 49ers, joins us. 

We discuss two main topics on this episode:How the 49ers are measuring their customer experience.We cover specific tools, implementation strategies, and business outcomesHow the 49ers approach creating incremental and non-traditional revenue49ers Fit – health & fitness centers owned by the 49ersElevate Sports & Entertainment – consulting and advisory partners Horizon Summit –  premier sports business, technology and analytics conference 

The overarching theme of this conversation is that customer drives how the 49ers approach innovation. But in order to have effective customer-driven innovation, you can’t rely on a handful of emails from a few outspoken fans. You’ve got to have real, diverse data.

To follow along Moon’s journey:
Moon’s LinkedIn
Moon’s Email: moon@elevatesportsventures.com


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