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Working in the sports & entertainment industry, there are few events that you can host without the support of other people/organizations. For most all other events, you need that support to execute all the facets that make an event successful. Whether it be working with a company that provides temporary labor for your ushers, or working with surrounding hotels who impact your guest’s overall experience, often you must work with partners not under your direct control. If there isn’t leverage in the relationship, how do you get everyone to march to the same drumbeat? How do you lead through influence instead of power? To explore this question, we welcome Linda Logan and John Page to the show.

Linda Logan is the Executive Director of Columbus Sports Commission which she helped to create in 2002. A trailblazer in sports business, Linda has led the Sport Commission to book over 600 events generating over half a billion in visitor spending. Some of the highlights include NCAA men’s basketball tournaments, Presidential debates, UN summits, and the 2018 Women’s Final Four in Columbus. She’s one of the most well respected sports commission execs in the country.

John Page, our second guest, works closely with Linda as the General Manager of the Greater Columbus Convention Center. He is a 20 year SMG veteran, the last 6 of which he has been in Columbus. He manages the venue’s daily operations, stakeholder relationships and business development. One of the biggest projects he’s led in recent years was the guiding the facility through its award-winning 22-month, $140 million expansion and renovation. 

On this episode of Flip the Switch, we really focus on the topic of leading with influence, instead of power. Both of our guests have to work with hundreds of leaders and businesses outside of their control to put on the events that they host, so I wanted to explore some of the strategies and tactics they use to be successful. 


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