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This episode of Flip the Switch features Customer Experience Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author Dan Gingiss.  Dan’s latest book, “The Experience Maker,” comes out today, featuring his “WISE” framework and stories from 20 years of experience working with brands, including McDonald’s, Discover and Humana.  Throughout the episode, Dan and David discuss simple, yet remarkable ways to enhance your engagement with your customers.


Show Notes

2:26   The Experiences Customers Want to Talk About

4:20   The Framework for Becoming “WISE”

6:45   Be “Witty”

12:05   Genuine Social Media Interactions – The Green Skittles Story 

14:29   The Leaky Bucket – Pay Attention to Your Existing Customers

17:35   Applying Fan Concepts to Other Industries

21:41   It’s All About the Little Fixes

23:44   Be “Immersive”

25:50   What Do You Own and What Can You Influence?

29:32   Be “Shareable”

33:50   Meeting Customer Expectations Consistently 

39:08   Be “Extraordinary”

45:13   Dan’s Billboard


For more great stories on delivering a spectacular customer experience, check out Dan’s new book: The Experience Maker: How To Create Remarkable Experiences That Your Customers Can’t Wait To Share

Connect with Dan to share your feedback on the book or ask any customer experience questions: 

Email |  Twitter |  LinkedIn  | DanGingiss.com


Today’s episode was sponsored by CheckdIn.  Delivering training digitally to better equip your staff for game day.

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