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This week on Flip the Switch, we are joined by Paula Courtney, CEO of the Verde Group.  Partnering with many Fortune 100 companies, the Verde Group brings unique methods to studying consumer behavior and improving the customer experience. Rather than asking “How was your experience?” Paula and her team probe for customer dissatisfaction. Their research has demonstrated that innovating off of points of friction and restoring consumer confidence have a greater financial impact on organizations.  This episode dives into the five key elements of consumer choice, knowing your customer and maintaining their loyalty.  

3:13 The “Re-Imagined Consumer” and their Revised Personal Purpose

6:43 The 5 Key Elements to Consumer Choice

11:36 Identifying Moments that Matter in the Experience

15:12 Factors that Influence Net Promoter Scores

17:28 Creating Actionable Insights > Measuring Attitudes

19:29 The Impact of Negative Experiences on the Bottom Line

24:06 Studying the “Wow” Factor

26:05 How Do You Want to Receive Customer Support?

28:22 The Only Currency That Matters

33:08 Unique Service Recovery Tools

36:21 The Customer Super Agent

40:54 Recognize, Not Reward Your Loyal Customers

44:54 Paula’s Billboard


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