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Welcome to EngageMint’s newest newsletter, Chatting Sports Tech with Charles. This edition will set the stage with my background and what this newsletter will be going forward. If you’re interested in the exploding world of sports technology and how emerging new companies can impact your organization, this newsletter is perfect for you. 

So who are you?

My name is Charles Campisi and my official title is VP – Enterprise Solutions (more below on this). I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with David back in 2011. After seven years in multiple client service roles at Ernst & Young focused in the financial services industry, I pivoted to earn an MBA at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, soak up as much knowledge as I could and transition into sports and entertainment.

Yeah, but who are you really?

Well, I’m the guy who drew plays for his intramural business school basketball team so we could advance in the playoffs even though no one else cared. Hopefully that provides a strong mental image of my personality.

In all seriousness, ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with how the collective success of teams can punch way above individual talent levels. In sports, the most successful coaches and teams find ways to exploit the smallest edges and capitalize on their strengths. As someone with minimal physical athleticism, I was driven to perfect the little things I could control and use all the tools at my disposal in order to compete with bigger, faster and stronger individuals. This mentality can be directly applied to scrappy companies in the business world (often without the winner take all environment).

What do you bring to the EngageMint Team?

Whereas the rest of the EngageMint Team is laser focused on customer experience stemming from their Disney days, I bring a different, albeit complimentary skill set.

At Ernst & Young, I led due diligence efforts for mergers and acquisitions in the financial services sector, interviewing C-Suite executives to understand potential transaction red flags. While pursuing my MBA, I primarily focused on strategic management and finance, while advising several early stage sports start-ups on strategic and operational goals.

In layman’s terms, I’m good with financial models and evaluating whether transactions generate value.

Why is the newsletter called ‘Chatting Sports Tech with Charles’?

My goal is to make this newsletter more interactive than your typical prose article. Hence, the structure will be the form of a mock interview. In other words, a fake chat where the reader asks the questions prompting my answers.

Each newsletter will focus on happenings in the world of sports business, discuss the technology emerging in the space and share my observations and predictions.

The plan is to release a newsletter every other week. I’ll generally share the following newsletter’s topic at the end of the current newsletter allowing you, the reader, to submit any questions on your mind.

What is EngageMint Enterprise Solutions?

Enterprise Solutions is the brainchild from a conversation between David and myself, nearly six months in the making. You can read more about the service offering at our website but a quick explanation:

The sheer number of sports technology start-ups has exploded over the past several years while increased levels of capital has entered the space in the form of specialized VC funds (Sapphire Sport, Will Ventures, etc.), Mega fund VCs (See Andreesen Horowitz’ led $20M round in fantasy app Sleeper) and Private Equity (Arctos Sports Partners, Bruin Sports Capital, etc.). However, technological adoption in the sports industry has lagged other parts of society. Word of mouth and cold email pitches represent the dominant method of introducing new solutions to sports properties. If an organization does manage to identify a potential technological partner, the challenge shifts to understanding whether the new solution is accretive to your existing operations or just money poorly spent.

At Enterprise Solutions, our mission is to lower the barriers of technological adoption through increased transparency and personalization. We’re building out offerings to help your team find the perfect solutions to meet your unique situation. In today’s day and age, advanced technological innovation is often the tool kit at your fingers allowing you to compete with the bigger, faster and stronger organizations, a la a young Charles.

Where can we follow you and learn more?

Besides checking out the Enterprise Solutions website and subscribing to this newsletter, you can add me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter @ccampisi_EES. Historically, I’ve been a net consumer on both platforms but have made it a goal of 2021 to connect with others and share more content.

Also, feel free to shoot me an email at and share some feedback on the newsletter or just pass along interesting findings in the sports tech space.

I’m extremely excited for you to join me on this journey.

Until next time,



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