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Jill Marchick, the Vice President of Customer Insights and Engagement for the Indiana Pacers, joins us on today’s episode. 

This is an especially relevant episode if your organization is considering putting a survey out or gathering information for how your customers feel about your organization and returning to events. And it’s even more important that you listen if you’re feeling lost about what to do with that information once you collect it.

Jill and her team at Pacers Sports and Entertainment sent out one of the most comprehensive fan insights survey I’ve seen during this crisis. But prior to working for the Pacers organization, Jill’s experience comes from outside the sports industry. 

A former executive and director with massive brands like Starbucks, Hershey, Nestle, and McDonald’s, Jill understands how to get to the deeper goals and motivations of customers and employees. And she’s with us today to share her methodologies and approaches to gathering those insights.


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