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We take a journey w/ our guest, Erin Sheehan, Senior Director of Guest Experience for the San Diego Padres. This episode’s larger theme is around creating a guest experience strategy for sporting events. We explore Erin’s involvement and influential role in opening the Atlanta Braves’ Suntrust Park and The Battery entertainment district; we cover her lessons learned as the Director of Fan Experience for the College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-Fil-A Fan Experience; and we get caught up on all the projects she’s been working on with San Diego Padres, including renovating the framework behind the Padres’ service culture.

If you’re passionate about creating and operationalizing a service culture and guest experience, you won’t want to miss this episode.

To get in touch with Erin, connect with her on LinkedIn.

Time Stamps

[1:45] Opening Turner Field

[4:10] Transitioning her tenured team to a new stadium

[6:30] The Atlanta Braves “Bases of Service”

[07:45] Training your team to deliver service in a new building

[9:50] Getting your frontline staff to take ownership of the experience

[12:30] Differences between MLB & Chick-Fil-A College Football Hall of Fame

[15:05] Engaging die hard fans vs. casual tourists

[17:30] Learning lessons from outside industries

[19:15] Why the back of house is just as important as the front of house

[20:30] What are the Padres doing differently from other teams?

[25:15] Why you have to intentionally design your own customer service

[28:15] The process of designing service values

[31:01] Using your service standards to conduct secret shopping

[35:00] A game changing tool for the Padres’ operation

[39:15] A fictional character Erin would go to work for

[41:00] An upcoming initiative Erin and her team are really excited about


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