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Duncan Wardle, the former Head of Creativity & Innovation at the Walt Disney Company, now helps organizations around the world embed a culture of innovation into their DNA. 

In our industries, we’re running from one to event to the next, and it’s easy to say  “we are too busy to think.” This episode with Duncan will provide you ways to start thinking differently. 

In his 30+ years at Disney, Duncan built a toolbox of creativity skills and techniques to help others turn on their innovation “light switch.” He’s here to share those tools with us today. 

Since leaving the Walt Disney Company a few years ago, Duncan spends his time challenging organizations to re-develop the creativity skills we all had when we were little. He’s worked with some mega companies around the world to teach these tools, from the NBA (which we’ll get into) to Ford, Johnson and Johnson, Apple, and more. 

When we prepped for this conversation, Duncan and I both felt like this topic was more needed than ever in our current business reality. Creativity and Innovation are no longer nice to have. The tools we talk about today are going to be essential for you to think your way out of this mess, and go from barely surviving to thriving. 


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