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In this episode, Kathy Burrows, president and owner of Sold Out Seating, joins David to discuss strategies and tactics to shift from selling tickets to selling experiences.  Selling an experience doesn’t mean selling the pomp and circumstance and atmosphere around the game, but delivering a game day experience that fits each customer.  To implement that shift, Kathy and David dive into new benchmarks, how to develop and mentor sales staff and how to personalize an event experience for different segments.  

Show Notes

2:40     From Nursing to Founding Sold Out Seating

6:19     Applying Care Plans to Sales Strategies

7:46     Throwing Out the ‘100 Calls a Day’ Metric

12:52    Coaching Leaders to Coach Sales Staff

16:33    Holding Effective 1-on-1 Meetings

19:40   Shifting Mindsets from Service Staff to Sales Staff

24:28    Handling Customer Complaints

25:18   Offering Different Experiences for Different Customer Segments

30:02   Combating Staff Limitations 

34:20   Embracing Tech to Drive Business and Customer Experience

41:00    Building a Part-Time Sales Team

46:46   Kathy’s Favorite Sales Tactics


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Potato Chip Ticket Sales
Potato Chip Leadership Skills

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