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For Episode 15 of Flip the Switch, we take a journey w/ our guest, Dan Cockerell, the former Vice President of Magic Kingdom. The episode’s larger theme is around leading your team and your organization with a human touch. We explore Dan’s involvement and influential role in running the Magic Kingdom theme park; we cover how to build rapport with your employees and develop a good culture; and we get an inside look on selecting the right talent.

If you’re passionate about becoming a great leader and creating magical guest and employee experiences, you won’t want to miss this episode.

To get in touch with Dan, check out his website https://dancockerell.com/

For more from Dan, subscribe to his blogs. https://cockerellconsulting.com/dan-cockerells-blog/


·        [4:10] Leveraging your relationships

·        [5:10] Dan’s background

·        [8:30] How to build rapport with your employees 

·        [12:00] Prioritizing tasks  

·        [16:00] Prioritizing your time as a leader

·        [18:37] The Eisenhower Matrix

·        [22:05] Dan’s new book, “How is the Culture in Your Kingdom”

·        [28:40] Selecting the right talent

·        [32:40] Selecting the wrong talent

·        [36:42] Evolving culture

·        [39:30] Utilizing technology for culture creation

·        [41:36] Leading using incentives

·        [46:07] An effective 1:1 meeting with your employees

·        [48:46] Looking back, leadership lessons learned from the Walt Disney Company

·        [52:30] Game changing tools 

·        [56:34] The fictional character Dan would love to work for

·        [58:30] Advice for young leaders


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