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As a senior leader, coming into a new organization can be hard. You want to understand the current culture. You want to get to know the people. You want to assess the organization’s strengths and opportunities. You want to put your own stamp on “the way we do things around here” in the least intrusive way possible.

Those plans can quickly go awry when you’re forced to deal with unprecedented crisis right out of the gate. Our guest today, Laird Veatch, was faced with exactly that. 

Five weeks into his role as the Athletic Director of University of Memphis, Laird lead his team through a high-profile case with the NCAA and one of his star student-athletes. And now, 6 months later, CoVID-19 has disrupted all ways of working. With all athletics events cancelled, communication lines disrupted, and revenue sources run dry, Laird is faced with new challenges leading new team. 

So we wanted to check-in with him to see how we was handling everything. Turns out, Laird provides some great insight for leaders within a new organization, and for leading during times of crisis. 


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