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Today’s episode is all about turning fans into customers and customers into fans.  David sits down with internationally-known author, advisor, educator and speaker David Meerman Scott.  Scott co-wrote his latest book, Fanocracy: Turning Fans Into Customers and Customers into Fans, with his daughter Reiko Scott.  Fanocracy unearths the science behind building emotional connections in your tribe and marketing lessons learned from fandoms outside of sports, including the Grateful Dead.  The show takes a deep dive on applying those lessons to cultivating stronger experiences and relationships with your fanbase.

Show Notes

3:16      Defining Fandom

6:15      A Family Affair – co-authoring “Fanocracy: Turning Customers into Fans and Fans into Customers” with Reiko Scott

9:47      The Individualization of Fandom

13:56    Combatting the Polarization of Social Media

15:23    What Else is There? Building Fandoms Outside of Social Media

21:45    Implementation of Fan Engagement in “Social Spaces”

24:25    Lessons from K-Pop and Growing Rabid Fans

26:41    The Power of K-Pop Fan Bases

29:36    Making Fans Feel Like Insiders

31:40    The Original Social Network

37:04    The Mentality and Psyche of MLS Support Groups

39:29    Utilizing Fandom to Create Emotional Connections

43:25    Rapid Fire Questions

  • Bad Advice
  • Sharing success stories
  • David’s billboard: “Educate and inform, instead of interrupt and sell.”


Additional Resources

Fanocracy.com |  Fanocracy: Turning Fans Into Customers and Customers Into Fans


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Connect with David and Reiko on Twitter


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