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Disney’s Magic Band. Carnival’s OceanMedallion. Our guest today was behind both industry leading tools that enabled massive experience ecosystem transformations.

Forrester defines a customer experience ecosystem as “the web of relations among all aspects of a company – including its customers, employees, partners and operating environment – that determine the quality of the customer experience.” 

As you can imagine, building a seamless experience ecosystem is no easy task. Our guest today, Michael Jungen, has been a key senior leader on two massive experience ecosytem builds. With both Disney’s Parks & Resorts and Carnival Cruise Line, Michael led the strategy and implementation of two iconic, industry leading ventures. At Disney, “My Disney Experience” and the “Magic Band.”  At Carnival, it was “MedallionClass” and “OceanMedallion.” Both projects were multi-year, highly complex initiatives involving thousands of touchpoints and 9-10 figure investments. 

With that type of experience, safe to say, listening to Michael’s viewpoints and stories and advice will help you think differently about your own organization’s customer journey.


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