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When we think about the fan experience today, it’s not just about their experience at a live event but how they interact directly and indirectly, how they engage and connect with your brand emotionally 24/7.  

This episode, we are joined by rising star Zhanee Anderson from the University of Texas creative team.  Throughout the conversation, David and Zhanee touch on creating for different brands and audiences, developing emotional engaging stories and infusing personal styles into content.  


Show Notes

3:12   Learning About a Brand’s Voice and Audience

8:01   Balancing the Workload and Time Management

9:44    Managing Content for the UT Brand vs. Individual Teams

12:45    Creating Content for Specific Audiences

15:43    Everything’s Content

18:35    Providing Access through Social

21:59    Striking Compromises and Deciding What’s Feasible

23:50    Emotion > Quality Content

26:57    Using Content to Drive Real Conversations

35:23    Infusing Personal Creativity into Content

39:15    Moving Beyond The “Intern Running Social Media”

41:31    Zhanee’s Billboard


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