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This week, we welcome Kentucky’s Mitch Barnhart to the show. After 20 years as UK’s Athletic Director, Mitch has produced one of the largest leadership trees with more than six former associates now holding Division 1 athletic director positions. In this episode, Mitch shares his passion for equipping people to launch people and guiding his organization with a true servant heart and integrity. 


Show Notes

3:25   Countering Today’s Labor Staffing Challenges – The Kentucky “Blue Coats” 

7:41   Right-Sizing Your Venues

10:03   Diversifying Your Fan Base

11:41   Navigating the Changing College Landscape

17:00   Find the Balance

19:10   Most Impactful Leader & Leadership Styles

22:11   Creating a Growth Mindset Culture

26:49   Equip People to Launch People

31:19   Foundational Leadership Moments

39:21   Generational Leadership

43:18   Challenges of Reactionary Decision Making

46:59   Importance of Family First

52:34   Show Appreciation for Your Staff 

54:25   Mitch’s Billboard


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Today’s episode was sponsored by CheckdIn.  Delivering training digitally to better equip your staff for game day.

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