Identify Your Perfect Tech Solution

EngageMint Enterprise Solutions connects athletic organizations with companies revolutionizing sports

The Problem

Sourcing a new vendor is challenging. The process involves: 

  • Understanding existing marketplace options  
  • Forming a team to manage the process
  • Opening a Request-for-Proposal 
  • Evaluating vendors & calculating projected ROI 
  • Defining the terms of the new partnership
  • Creating an implementation timeline
  •  A poor decision can set your organization back. Potential pitfalls like wasted time, wasted resources and poor customer experience often create a hesitancy to adopt new technology.        

    Our Mission

    EngageMint Enterprise Solutions' mission is to lower the barrier to technological adoption across the sports industry.

    We equip sports organizations with the knowledge to have informed discussions when choosing new sports tech solutions from multiple options.

    Identifying the perfect vendor can be overwhelming. Allow our team to properly evaluate the alternatives and help select the best partner for you.

    The Solution

    Our team of advisors offers multiple services to help you find your best solution. 

    We've spent hundreds of hours researching the latest innovative sports tech companies and talking to the people behind the technology. Launching soon, the database allows you to easily uncover the companies across multiple categories, adding a new level of transparency to the marketplace. 

    For more personalized attention, we offer two options depending on your needs: 

    PROBLEM INVESTIGATION - For a one-time fee, our team will schedule a meeting to discuss your problem, frame the issue to effectively communicate requirements to vendors, analyze the ROI before a purchase decision is made and create a list of target companies. 

    VENDOR EVALUATION - For a percentage of the proceeds, our team will perform the problem diagnosis steps, plus interview and evaluate the companies from the target list to uncover your organization's best solution. We only get paid if a contract is finalized.   


    Schedule Your Free Consultation

    We are currently piloting with top athletic departments across the country to find tools to address their specific challenges in student ticketing, mobile app development, and live gameday experience.

    Share a business problem your organization is facing. We'll help find you the perfect solution. 

    Main Benefits

    Eliminate wasted time and resources with Enterprise Solutions


    Unearth innovative sports tech companies, equipping you with knowledge and negotiating leverage


    We'll alleviate organizational pressure and save you time by determining the vendors worth evaluating further

    Aligned Incentives

    With Vendor Evaluation, we only get paid if a vendor agreement is reached, ensuring your best interests in mind

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