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Today’s episode focuses on leadership during crisis. Our guest is Doug Thornton, the EVP of ASM Global. Doug oversees all Arena, Stadia and Theaters worldwide, directing the operations and financial performance of this division. 

We tackle questions like “how do you acknowledge your fears and anxieties without letting them weigh you down” and “how do inspire confidence in your team when you yourself don’t know what the future holds.” 

We’ll also get into some deeper conversations about planning your operations for the future.  

Who is Doug and what makes him equipped to talk about leading through crisis? 

He’s the guy who oversaw the more than $336 million in renovations at the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina. He’s the guy who served as the state’s lead negotiator in lease talks with the Saints that led to the current long-term deal. He’s the guy who first mentioned creating Champions Square, the entertainment district outside of the Dome. He’s the guy who began clandestine talks with the Hornets back in 1999 that eventually led to the NBA franchise relocating from Charlotte to New Orleans in 2002. If that’s not enough, during his watch, the SuperDome has hosted multiple Super Bowls, Final Fours, Wrestlemania, BCS & CFP championships, NBA & WNBA All-Star Games, Republican National Conventions, and more.

Safe to say, this is not the first crisis Doug has led through. And while this pandemic is unlike anything we’ve seen, there are lessons from Doug’s past experiences that you can apply to the challenges you’re facing today.


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