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In today’s episode, Steph Smith, Head of Trends.co at the Hustle and Founder of Integral Labs, joins the show.  Steph and David discuss the ideas and insights of how to build a more effective team in both a remote work or hybrid environment.

Show Notes:

(6:54) The bell curve of giving and taking – amplifying giving in remote work

(10:54) How to encourage giving behavior

(15:50) What benefits can organizations now offer to entice the best talent?

(18:05) Applying the “First Principles” to your business and employee experience

(21:34) The new wave of benefits to offer employees

(25:05) Replacing the water cooler – how to generate the personal and professional relationships in a virtual setting

(27:27) Replicating an office environment with co-working spaces

(30:54) Defining success – the importance of metrics-driven assessments

(32:50) Algorithms to live by and the Nash equilibrium

(35:50) Game theory & working backward from the ideal outcome 

(40:07) Personal user manuals – learn about your people upfront  

(49:24) Being versatile in a leadership role

(47:53) Trends in remote work – what’s next?

(52:05) What’s coming? – The Biotech boom

For more information on topics referenced during the show:

“71-Tips to Navigate a Virtual Work Culture” Ebook

Get $100 off Trends with our referral code: trends.co/?ref=DavidMillay

First-principles thinking

Game theory 

Give and Take by Adam Grant

Algorithms to Live By by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths

Steph Smith’s Personal User Manual

Where to reach the guest:
Steph’s LinkedIn
Steph’s personal Website
Steph’s Twitter  @stephsmithio


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