No matter how we work together, here are our areas of expertise. These five competencies are interconnected and are the keys to becoming more customer-centric.


By creating new "listening posts" for fans, we are helping organizations like yours learn more about the functional, social and emotional needs of their fans throughout the customer journey.


With an EngageMint team member working with directly with your team, we are helping to create new operational systems and processes to drive efficiency and consistency.


Using best practices learned from our time working at the Walt Disney Company, we are creating behavioral frameworks with organizations like yours to guide how employees treat each other and fans.


As we design customer journey maps specific for your different fan personas, we are creating unique products and services that relieve pain and create gains for fans.


Ultimately, we're helping drive revenue for your organization to put towards your larger mission. We do this by helping optimize your assets to generate incremental revenue streams and get huge ROI.