The evolution of engagemint

Here's how we got started and where we are now.

The Beginning

College sports played a huge role in all of our founders lives. All three co-founders played Division I sports, and the lessons learned shaped who they are. 

From their vantage point working with Fortune 500 companies and sports organizations, they could tell the college sports industry was not financially stable. So they set out on a mission to help athletic departments improve business acumen and help them become more customer centric.


For the first two years, the EngageMint team took on a variety of projects to better understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within athletic departments. 

The EngageMint team worked on everything from running fan surveys to doing customer service training, creating student fan groups to redesigning stadium concourses. 


We've seen demand for our services and skillsets grow outside of college athletics. While college athletics is still our primary focus, we've expanded to pro sports and other markets.

Advisory services is still our favorite type of work, because it's our product that has the most impact. But we know not every organization has a need for long-term transformations, so we've identified new products and services, including workshops and digital learning.

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