December 17


Holiday Gift Guide for the Sports & Entertainment Professional

David Millay

December 17, 2019

Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner. To help give you some gift ideas for your friends in the industry, we put together a list of our favorite gifts that will come in handy for someone who works in sports. Use it to find a last minute gift for a co-worker or someone on your team. Or if you’re impossible to shop for, forward it along to your significant other. Just don’t just shop it all for yourself.

This is a gift guide built for you, professionals in college athletics. We put in everything from our favorite productivity workbooks and our favorite protein bars, to our favorite work pants, our favorite silent alarm clocks, and our favorite tools to manage large groups of people. Happy Holidays!

Under $50

For the traveler- These two paired make a powerful tool to knock the heck out on early morning flights or super late ones. I’m all for doing work on the plane without the distraction of the internet, or for catching up on reading, but sometimes you just need to catch up on sleep. These both fit into a backpack or briefcase taking up virtually no space, and are incredibly useful even for the hotel room whose blinds don’t close all the way.