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This College Leaders segment features Bryan Blair, Deputy Athletic Director and Chief Operating Officer at Washington State University.  In the four years that Bryan and his team have been in Pullman, they’ve worked to build a culture that highlights and celebrates what is unique about Wazzou.  Bryan and David hit on hiring coaches and staff that are cultural fits, embracing your identity and taking risks to move college athletics forward.


2:31 Balancing Performance and Culture in Coaching Hires

6:21 Marrying a Coach’s Culture with the Department Culture

8:17 Defining Cultural “Fit”

11:25 Weaving Your Core Values Into Your Operation

13:56 Capturing What Works and Infusing a New Culture

15:25 Ingraining Your Purpose Statement in the Organization

16:28 Rallying Your Team Behind Your Mission

18:35 Embracing What Makes You Unique

25:41 Leaning Into NIL  

29:23 Equipping Your Team for Success

38:30 Bryan’s Billboard

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