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Our guest today is Kevin Gober, the Sr. Director of Employee & Guest Experience for the Atlanta Hawks.

Kevin and I worked together for a long time at Disney Institute, on what we informally called “the sports crew.”  Kevin was on the content and facilitation side of the organization, leading and designing massive customer service trainings, whether it be for 10,000 volunteers at the Super Bowl, or for different teams in the NBA.

Prior to Disney Institute, Kevin worked a variety of roles in the Parks & Resort operations. Most notably, Kevin was the head of Magic Kingdom’s Emporium, the largest gift and souvenir shop in the Magic Kingdom park.

After Kevin left Disney Institute in 2014, he’s gone on to hold roles with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Miami Heat. For the last two years, leading the Hawk’s efforts to enhance the experiences they create for the people they serve.

We get into a few topics of interest here: Establishing cultural guidelines and standards from which everything else flows, revamping the hiring process, including that of third-party vendors, creating consistent training processes to make sure all employees are on the same page, building intentional rewards and recognition program with all staff, third-party and full time, how the Hawks provide professional development and non-traditional communication.


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