We sit down with leaders in customer & employee experience to tease out new mindsets, core principles and best practices. Built specifically for leaders in sports & entertainment.

We join Adam White, CEO of Front Office Sports, at his office in NYC.  You might be thinking, “I don’t work for a media company, what can I learn from this?” The stories and strategies Adam shares in this podcast are applicable to anyone building a brand. If you’re trying to build a passionate audience or a customer base, you’ll gain tons of insight from Adam who’s building his company through the power of brand and beginning to monetize the fandom.

Adam takes us behind the scenes of Front Office Sports to share insights around their business and growth strategy. He discusses the things FOS struggle with internally as they grow. And if you work for a sports property, he shares actionable strategies, tips, and best practices that you can take back to your organization. Enjoy!


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