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Today’s guest is Kami Testa, Guest Experience Program Director of the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury. Kevin Gober and Kami dive into how to drive change in your organization, the process of hiring a large team of employees all at once, training your staff, and how mindsets impact actions.

Kami’s unique background with the Walt Disney Company has helped her bring fresh insights to the NBA’s Phoenix franchises. Before the NBA and WNBA, Kami held a wide array of roles with different parts of the Walt Disney Company. She’s spent time as a Facilitator for Disney Institute; a Training Manager for Disney Cruise Line; she’s been a Traditions facilitator (training Cast Members on their first day at Disney); she’s worked in premium sales for Adventures by Disney (the company’s travel planning agency); and more.

Show Notes

(7:00) Kami Testa Intro and Background

(9:30) Parallels of Guest Experience and Employee Experience – The Disney “Chain of Excellence”

(14:30) Lessons from the Phoenix Suns’ Virtual Hiring Fair

(16:00) Hiring for Attitude vs. Aptitude

(17:30) Shaking Up the Interview Process

(18:30) Training the Hiring Managers – Getting Your Staff on Board to Your Vision 

(20:40) Disney Insights – Skills-Based Recruitment is Fatally Flawed

(22:00) Challenges of Virtual Training / On-boarding

(27:00) Discovering Talent – Outlining Opportunities for Growth for Part-Time Staff

(30:00) Cultural Overall of Changing the Phoenix Suns’ Game Day Staff Uniforms 

(34:30) How to Change Your Staff’s Perspective Beyond “Job Description” 

(39:00) The Suns’ Vision for the Future

(46:00) How to Formulate a Culture Committee

(49:30) Tools for Balancing Your Team’s Mental Health


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