April 7

Flip the Switch Ep. 21: Stepping Past Your Competition w/ Justin Schneider


Our guest today is Justin Schneider. He’s the founder and CEO for Wolf & Shepherd, a rising footwear brand making high-end, performance dress shoes. 

We wanted to have Justin on the show for a few reasons. 

1) He was a former student-athlete himself. And he shares how that experience has impacted his approach to live after sports. 

2) His insights around storytelling, innovation and creating experiences that customers love are super applicable to sports & entertainment and live events. 

3) I’m ready to see some variety in shoe-wear in our industry. I know people love those Cole Haan’s, but I’m ready for the next evolution of footwear in our industry. 

One more thing before we jump into our conversation with Justin. He surprised me at the end and offered a promo code for any of our listeners.

If you decide to buy a Wolf & Shepherd shoes while we’re quarantined, you can enter the code “engagemint25” and and get 25% your order.  Act quick, because this code only lasts til we get out of quarantine, or until June 1… whichever comes first.

Wolf & Shepherd website

Additional Resources mentioned in the Show:
How Success Happens podcast episode with Justin Schneider
Playing to Win by AG Lafley, Roger Martin


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