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This episode features industry legend Scott O’Neil.  In his most recent role, Scott was the CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment, overseeing the New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia 76ers.  Prior to that, he held positions of Senior Vice President of the NBA’s Team Marketing and Business Operations division and President of Madison Square Garden Sports.  

Throughout the podcast, Scott charmed us with stories as he and David dive into a number of insights that influenced his career and became the foundation for his new book, “Be Where Your Feet Are: Seven Principles to Keep You Present, Grounded and Thriving.”  

Show Notes

3:23  Putting Life in Perspective from Mozambique

7:31  Scott’s Favorite Insight – “Assume Positive Intent”

10:11  Instilling Positive Intent into Your Culture

17:06  Balancing Accountability and “The Best Work Environment”  

18:58  How to Fire Someone Gracefully

21:28  Millennials’ Social Contract

24:25  Creating a Hybrid Work Environment

26:19  Building Culture and Connections in a Hybrid Work Environment

29:01  Defining the “Greatest Place to Work”

30:14  The Thin Line Between Work and Home

34:38  Developing Staff Personally and Professionally

39:01  You Can’t Manage for the Masses

40:25  Maintaining An Attitude of Gratitude When the Team Isn’t Winning

48:54  Parting Advice


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For more insights on being present, authentic and intentional, grab Scott’s book: Be Where Your Feet Are

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