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In today’s episode, David is joined by Len Perna, Chairman and CEO of TurnkeyZRG.  Having managed more than 1,400 executive searches, from coaches to middle management to executive leaders, Len shares how his talent advisory firm aligns clients on strategy and cultural fit with the current marketplace, the key attributes they look for in leaders and the “Moneyball” methodology they use to evaluate candidates.


Show Notes

2:54   Evolution of TurnkeyZRG

5:02   Solving People Problems

6:55   Integrating a New Leader in the Culture 

9:14   Identifying Candidates to Fit Future Cultures

10:36  The Key Leadership Attribute: Self-Awareness

16:23  Importance of Role Clarity

20:42  Hiring Internal vs. External Candidates

23:31  Evolving Leadership Skill Sets

27:09  Executive Search Interview Structure

32:40  A Placement That Didn’t Work

36:23  Making Calculated Out-of-the-Box Hires

40:48  Building the Future Front Office / Athletic Department

44:39  Capturing TurnkeyZRG’s Attention During Searches

48:00  Len’s Parting Advice


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