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In the second episode of our new format with Kevin Gober, Kevin and David get into the importance of leadership and structure that top-level executives need to be taking during the ever-adapting covid and digital age.  With an overarching framework of leaders establishing, operationalizing, and sustaining the values and vision by which organizations thrive, David and Kevin discuss leaders’ responsibility to help our employees in the emotional & mental, relational, physical, financial, purposeful, and employable spectrums.  From employee journey maps to improving meeting tactics, this episode gets into the ins and out of running an organization in the new digital era. 

Time Stamps:

00:00 – What’s on the top of the mind?

2:00 – Organization principles for leaders

3:50 – Leader behaviors and processes

– Having courageous conversations

8:45 – How does EngageMint foster innovation with clients?

9:50 – Journey mapping with EngageMint

– Creating service blueprints

– Helping the organization see the true behind-the-scenes impact

15:45 –  The building process of State Farm Arena

–  Atlanta Hawks innovation of day-to-day meetings

20:27 – Importance of note-taking and tangible actions from meetings

21:28 – Playbook – Rules of Engagement for Meetings

– Ramp up meetings – meetings to discuss all functions to get ready to open doors

– Fans in venues for NBA? – tipping off Dec. 22

– State Farm Arena – using the venue for polling; now flipping to get ready for basketball

29:30 – Deeper dive into Kevin’s role of “Chief Experience Officer” for Atlanta Hawks

– Employees want to know what are you going to do to protect me and keep me safe in a covid space?

– Discussion on trust in the workplace, from excess Zoom meetings to “prove” you are “working from home” to accepting employees will now get their work done

– KG talking about strategies Atlanta Hawks’ owners have used to have the backs of employees during the pandemic

– Easy ways for leaders to be present now that we’re digital

– Big things grab headlines.  Little things drive culture.

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Jared Spataro Podcast Episode

71 Tips: How to Build Virtual Culture


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